Keep Louisville Walking!

Walk It ​Off...

Fierce- Fitness By Design 

Monthly Walking Club

This challenge is designed for you to increase your steps, improve your cardiovascular function, raise your metabolism and...Do we need more?! 

Yes! Burn calories. lose weight or maintain that sexy bod you have now!

Simple - 12 Months - 12 Challenges

  • Discover New Walking Spots and Trails!
  • Meet New Friends While Getting Healthy! Don't Walk Alone!
  • There is no easier cardio exercise than walking - With the benefits too great to list!
  • Different types of challenges each month!
  • Daily meets with your walking ambassador. AM & PM Available!
  • Pick and choose days and routes, Or walk on your own route!
  • Locations be sent upon sign-up, Mon -Fri locations all within 15 miles from 40204. 
  • Use an App - I suggest Runkeeper. It's easy & free, but use whatever you like, record your stats! 
  • Take a picture of your awesome sauce and shoot it my way! 
  • Tag Facebook Fierce Fitness By Design- for a bonus MILE!
  • 3 month consecutive enrollment and get an amazing T-shirt!
  • Win Great Prizes!

"Keep Louisville Walking"

Climb Mt Everest...

 Or travel across the world...

With a new challenge each month, this program keeps you on your toes!

Walktober - Octobers Walking Challenge!

October: Fall in love with fitness this fall with our October mileage challenge! 

Duration: 30 Day Challenge

Type: Mileage Challenge

Proof: Snap your stats and your location! Tag us!

Walktober Walking Challenge

30 day challenge...

Get Ready,

Get Set,


Monthly Walking Challenge

Walktober Schedule


Mon - Fri 

7 am Morning Meet

Locations Vary - Pick and Choose 

 Meet Your Walking Ambassador 


Mon - Fri

6 pm Evening Meet

Locations Vary - Pick and Choose

Meet Your Walking Ambassador


10 am

Locations Vary - Pick and Choose

Meet Your Walking Ambassador 


Free Style - Pick your own location!